Visit the Elderly

General Guidelines

    • Visits should be prohibited, in general, for all family members, also for the entrance of providers, inspection and third parties.
      But protect the possible exceptions carefully defined and suggested in the following topics:
      1. Visits should be restricted, with a short visit time and the admission of people with acute symptoms (fever, myalgia, cough and any symptoms compatible with coronavirus infection) or who have traveled abroad.
      2. The visit of groups of people, such as schools, volunteers, undergraduate students, etc., should be restricted, except when duly evaluated by the coordination of the house.
      3. Visitor handwashing must be rigorous and supervised by ILPI nursing staff.
      4.We do not recommend the total restriction of visits to older people living in ILPI, due to the risk of worsening the feeling of abandonment and loneliness, which are frequent in these older people. The presence of a close family member or friend is extremely important to reassure these older people, who are being “bombarded” by the scaremongering inherent in the current situation
      5. Preference should be given to visiting family members closest to the elderly residents of ILPI, ensuring strict compliance with the entire protocol followed by employees for the complete protection of the elderly, such as family members and others.
    • Remember that the elderly are more scared than we are, that we are in the health area.
    • The comfort of loved ones is essential at this time, however, it does have its risks.
    • It is essential to maximize THE NON-PRESENTIAL VISIT by all existing means

Some additional video conferencing tools can be used such as:

    • Google Hangout;
    • Zoom;
    • Whereby.
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