For Administration Professionals

Reception Professionals

General Guidelines

  • The movement of the elderly in the reception is prohibited;
  • Receipt of goods and donations:
  • If possible, provide reception facilities for hand hygiene or use gel alcohol;
  • Responsible for controlling the entry of all authorized persons;
  • Maintain natural ventilation in the environment and reduce the use of air conditioners, use when strictly necessary.

Tasks of the People in Charge of the Reception

Entry Protocol

  • Measure the temperature, if it is below 37.8 follow the next procedure:
  • If someone exceeds this amount, report that they will not be allowed to stay in the home;
  • Ask to wash the hands in the reception bathroom or use alcohol gel;
  • Request that everyone who enters the home complete the health questionnaire;
  • Strengthen hygiene and disinfection procedures for utensils, equipment and living environments.
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